Patrizio Travagli

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Pantheistic – Polifacetic

Patrizio Travagli is working on the memory of disappearance. Building a tower of over 500 mirrors, Pantheistic-Polifacetic – he creates fragments of reflections freestanding in a public space, only there to be taken away by passer-by’s. In this process of elimination, are there instructions on the back of the mirrors, requesting for the “participator” to take a photograph of the reflection they seek to capture as their “own memory” and send it back to the assigned email address which will then load all the information captured by the indigenous unknown and electronically collect and save all the histories developed from this fragment of a mobile light-sensitive surface.

Edward Cutler Gallery, Milano (Italy),
Tayloe Piggott Gallery, Jackson, WY (USA)


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