Wael Darwesh


The Disappearance

The Disappearance uses large fields of flat solid color and mixed media to capture a fleeting moment in our pulsating memory and its influence on the soul. This visual experience attempts to explore the consequences on the collective memory and psyche of experiencing long periods of continuous change, inconsistencies, anticipation and suppressed actions. The absence of transparency, the inability to predict the next moment and the emergence of various predictions has led to many changes around us and inside us. At the end all are human emotions and experiences. These variables have created a great load on our memory andĀ  left alone theĀ  mental abilities to absorb or explain these changes. This visual sonata of solid planes of form and color blended with gold leaf and collage, are juxtaposed with abstract figures that seem to dramatically perform roles in a theatrical background.

Courtesy of Art Sawa Gallery, Dubai (UAE)